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Oney Harrison

Background Information

  • From Lexington, Kentucky

  • Played at St. Bonaventure University & Asbury University

  • Assistant Women's Basketball Coach at Georgetown College for Two Years

  • Owner of The Pack Training

  • Skill Development Trainer of The Pack Training

  • Pure Sweat Skills Coach (Assists NBA Workouts)


Small Group Training Sessions

Do you need help developing your game? The Pack offers small group training sessions. The small groups consists of 3-6 players around the same skill level. This allows the workouts to be productive and competitive for every player. Small group workouts allow players to try new skills going against a live defender as well. In these 1 hour workouts we focus on developing player's ability to shoot, handle the ball, finish, make correct reads (IQ), and defend. If you're ready to grow your game come join The Pack!

Individual Training Sessions

Individual training sessions are 1 on 1 workouts between the player and trainer. This allows the workouts to be tailored specifically to the player's game. The individual workouts are for one hour!

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Shooting Machine Rental

Rent out the Dr. Dish Shooting Machine! The Dr. Dish acts as a rebounder and passer which allows players to get up tons of shots in a short amount of time. Rentals are for one hour!

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