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"As a high school varsity basketball coach, I highly recommend The Pack Training for all basketball players. Oney has incredible knowledge of the game and is adept in relaying her expertise to her students. Oney is an expert on details; in my many years in this sport, I have not know anyone better at paying attention to the tiny details that can make a huge impact on a player’s game. Oney has very high standards for her students, and at the same time she is able to meet each player where they are and push them to continually be a step better. My daughter loves training with Oney; she loves her encouragement and the incredible impact training with Oney has had on her game."

"Oney is one of the best trainers in Kentucky. She works with each player on the details to make them better. Oney takes the time to build the trust that a young player needs to take the coaching and feedback she provides. She follows players in middle and high school, and AAU games to critique and understand what training they need to progress. She has a next level commitment to each kid and her group training provides a competitive atmosphere that make players better. I would recommend you get your player in at an early age to build those fundamentals all good players need."

"My 12 year old daughter and 9 year old son have been training at The Pack with Oney for the last three months. We've had such a great experience and their skills have drastically improved in just the first few months they've trained with her. Oney does an awesome job of demonstrating the technique she's teaching, explaining why the drill is important and necessary, and when you would use the technique in a game setting. She always makes it a point to stop the student during a drill if they're executing the drill incorrectly and explains to him or her what they need to correct and why they need to correct it. She does an amazing job of breaking each drill down so they fully understand what they're doing and why they're doing it. She is encouraging and motivating and sets her students up for their best success!"

"My son has been working with Oney for quite a while and I have seen great improvement in his game in all areas. Oney does a great job teaching fundamentals and technique and applies them to in-game scenarios for application. She utilizes a variety of approaches to keep the workouts interesting while emphasizing repetition as a path to mastery. She has a very hands on approach with the skills to fully demonstrate what a skill mastered looks like and pushes players to achieve that startling out slow while working toward game speed. I highly recommend for any player already dedicated or interested in being dedicated to improving in basketball."

"Our son has been training with Oney for a year now, she offers great skill development on all facets of the game, high intensity/high repetition, competitive environment. She also holds the kids accountable. During the hour of training it’s all about improving and building upon your last lesson/last game. Our son gets amazing 1:1 coaching and loves his time each day he goes. We are so grateful we found her."

"We have nothing but great things to say about Oney and the Pack! We have been so impressed with Oney’s knowledge of the game, teaching timing of footwork with ball handling and shooting technique. We also like the evening classes that we can get our daughter to after work. The small class sizes with evenly matched or players who give a slight challenge to other players is also a bonus!"

"Oney has the commitment and desire to work with kids of all ages. She has the knowledge base of fundamentals and the ability to pass on to students in a constructive manner yet challenging them as well. I would certainly recommend The Pack Training to kids who are interested and want to pursue the game."

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